Steve Spurrier Called Into ‘The Dan Patrick Show’ When Darius Rucker Was On And Everybody Had Fun

The world is a wonderful place. A wonderful place where a well-respected college football coach can call into a national radio show to surprise the lead singer of Hootie And The Blowfish on a random day in April. And that’s exactly what happened when Darius Rucker was on The Dan Patrick Show on Thursday.

Steve Spurrier was introduced as “Steve from Columbia, South Carolina,” and it only took Rucker a few seconds to recognize the voice.

“Is this the ball coach?” Rucker asked, a little surprised.

What followed was a fun little conversation where Spurrier and Rucker talked about the South Carolina women’s basketball team and Spurrier asked the Gamecocks fan to write a fight song for South Carolina. I wish he would’ve put Rucker on the spot and asked him if the Hootie reunion was really happening.

Also, I know this might surprise all of you, but Rucker has in fact played golf with Steve Spurrier.

(h/t The State)