Steve Young Bit The Head Off Of A Raw Fish On ‘Monday Night Countdown’

Getty Image

Steve Young is in Seattle on Monday night, as ESPN is broadcasting Monday Night Football and all of its various aspects of game coverage from the Pacific Northwest. During the network’s pregame show, Young bit a head off of a raw fish, and based on how eager he was to do it, it looks like he was excited for the opportunity.

The Monday Night Countdown crew was hanging out with some overzealous Seahawks fans outside of CenturyLink Field prior to Seattle’s game against Atlanta. One fan bit the head off of a fish, which led to Randy Moss looking kind of concerned, because an adult human put a fish in their mouth and ripped its head off.

Young decided to get in on the fun, too. It led to one of the weirdest moments of live television that we’ve seen in some time out of the worldwide leader.

The best parts of this video, in no order, are Moss’ reaction to literally everything that happened, Charles Woodson pulling out his cell phone and taking a few selfies, and Moss deciding to get in on the fun by biting the head off of a much smaller fish. All of these are the exact things that you would expect to happen immediately after a Hall of Fame quarterback put a raw fish in his mouth and bit its head off.