The NFL Asked Steven Jackson To Take A Drug Test After Signing A One-Day Deal With The Rams

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Steven Jackson was, at one time, one of the NFL’s best and most productive running backs. Over his 11-year career, he amassed over 11,000 rushing yards and 69 touchdowns on a strong 4.1 yards per carry. Jackson also added over 3,000 receiving yards and nine catching touchdowns.

Over 10,000 of those yards came during his time with the Rams — then in St. Louis — where he starred as a super-reliable figure in the backfield who, at his peak, could dominate defenses with his physical rushing style. Earlier this week, Jackson, who has not played a down of NFL football since a brief stint with the Patriots in 2015, inked a one-day deal with the L.A. Rams to officially retire and end his career as a member of the franchise with which he is most connected.

It was a cool gesture by the Rams and one of those symbolic things that happens in sports to make for some nice photo and video opportunities and bring a player back to the organization. However, the NFL seemed to think it was an opportunity for something else, as Jackson tweeted on Thursday that he received a request from the NFL for a random drug test and politely told the league he would not be going.

This seems like a joke, but he told James Laurinaitis on Twitter it was for real.

It is truly spectacular if the NFL did indeed ask Jackson, who hasn’t played since 2015, to take a drug test just so he can symbolically retire with the Rams. Hopefully this was a massive misunderstanding, but either way it’s absolutely hysterical.