Still Haven't Voted In Our Bad Wrestling Theme Lyrics Tournament? Here's The Most Analysis Ever

On Tuesday, With Leather launched round one of the Bad Wrestling Theme Lyrics March Madness Tournament, a 32-song showdown featuring some of the worst songwriting imaginable and brackets that don’t really make sense because the songs aren’t really seeded.

If you haven’t voted on the round one match-ups yet, you’ve got until Monday, March 18 to participate. If you aren’t intimately familiar with the songs featured or would like further analysis on the lyrics and why you should or shouldn’t pick them, I’m here to help: Best and Worst of Impact columnist Danielle Matheson and I put together an almost 90 minute analysis of the first 16 songs.


The intention was to cover everything at once and post the podcast at The Mandible Claw on Monday, but we got really into it, split it in half, and decided to post part 1 here today. You’ll want to listen: I sing Test’s theme, Danielle sings Rob Van Dam’s TNA theme, and we discuss how an asshole could be “always kicking asshole’s ass” more than ESPN talks about hockey.

So yeah, give the podcast a listen, and if it changes your opinions you’ve still got time to vote. And if you don’t vote? You’re gonna pay.