06.01.07 11 years ago 13 Comments

There's been much ado about the OC Register's sale of Allison Stokke's image on things like mugs and mousepads (see HERE, HERE, and HERE), but before the speculation gets out of hand, it should be noted that — as far as I can tell — the Stokkes have nothing to do with said sale, and benefit from it in no way.  A reporter from the OC Register explained it as such:

[T]he Register contracts with a company to handle our reprints. That company, Pictopia, also offers photos on mugs, mousepads, etc. So generally, photos taken by our staff photographers also are available on such merchandise through Pictopia. People who want to buy photos or merchandise have to fill out an online form, which is reviewed by a photo librarian to make sure it's filled out properly, etc. I'm not aware, and a news researcher I talked to also isn't aware, of a company policy for subjectively evaluating reprint requests.

I'm not trying to keep the story alive, just wanted to throw some facts out there.  First time for everything, right?

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