Stop Everything And Check Out Jorge Dyksen, Badass Quadruple Amputee Soccer Player

First of all, what’s up, Edith Pop from Incredible Features? You need to call me.

Second of all, this is Jorge Dyksen and he rules. He’s a well-liked, affable high school soccer star who also happens to be a quadruple amputee, simultaneously causing a flareup in inspirational videos and cheesy jokes about him not needing his hands. He got an infection when he was a baby and lost most of his arms and legs, but he hasn’t let that keep him from doing whatever the hell he wants.

This story on him is great, and manages to be a happy, uplifting thing when it could very easily fall into the CRY FOREVER trap.

I will save any further conversation on this story for Edith, you know, if she calls me.

via Reddit