Stop ‘Flipping Out’ About Johnny Manziel’s Middle Finger

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08.19.14 22 Comments
Johnny Manziel middle finger


During Monday night’s game against the Redskins, Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel gave his opponents a one-finger salute, a middle finger if you will. Then everybody “flipped out.” Fans on Twitter, mainstream media, even some in the blogosphere acted like Johnny ruined the NFL’s good name. Disgraced the league with his classlessness.

Again, this is all that happened (via @cjzero).

Johnny Football middle finger


In the grand scheme of what goes in the NFL—Ray Rice beating a woman, Aaron Hernandez shooting guys, Josh Gordon’s inability to sober drive—and we’re concerned about a middle finger lowering the class of the NFL?

Nah man, nah. That’s a bunch of smoke-filled coffeehouse crap. That’s Bob Costas pontificating on Sunday Night Football, that’s Rick Reilly feeding us a fork-full of sh*t salad on ESPN.

Swearing, smack talk, a little pushing and shoving after the whistle? That’s part of the game. Johnny gets it. So do most of us who watch hundreds of football games a year. But some of you? Some of you need to calm the f*ck down. Or maybe, I don’t know, stop watching football if a middle finger offends you that much. Because trust me, there’s a lot worse going on. Both on and off the field.

Johnny, your thoughts?



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