Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Look At Stewart Cink’s Ghastly Uncle Fester Head

Via @BTtrey4 comes this harrowing look at golfer Stewart Cink’s underhat, a place that apparently hasn’t seen the sun in over a thousand years.

I’m not sure how Cink managed to get a farmer’s tan on the upper half of his head, but he took off his hat and I can’t even come up with an appropriate pop culture reference for it. Remember in the Batman movies when the Joker had to pose as a regular guy, so he’d put flesh-colored makeup on over his scary clown face? That’s happening on top of Stewart Cink’s head. It’s like a guy who tans naked and only covers up the tip of his junk. Stewart Cink is White-Ass Wally from Josie and the Pussycats. Dude’s gonna get pushed into the mud by bullies after the tour and end up killing them with lightning.

Check it out and make your own comparisons:


h/t to LAF