Straight From Washington’s Worst Nightmares, It’s The Oklahoma City Seahawks

Aw here it goes.

Due to that whole “taking your long-suffering NBA franchise away from you as soon as they become championship contenders” thing, the peoples of Seattle and Oklahoma City (or Washington and Oklahoma, if you wanna be frank) have been locked in a vicious blood feud for years. It’s gotten so bad that even Macklemore doesn’t want to be nice to people in OKC. MACKLEMORE! He’s our nation’s nicest and gracious white man!

But here we are, cementing Seattle and Oklahoma City as the new Boston and New York. The fine folks at the Oklahoma-based Mustang Brewing Company have tossed semi trucks full of gasoline onto the fire with their latest effort, a t-shirt spotlighting the dark future of Washington’s sports happiness. The Oklahoma City Seahawks. SOAK IN IT, SEATTLE. SOAK.

Somebody put that on a grandpa so Macklemore will wear it.

Via NewsOK