This Man Learned A Valuable Lesson From A Security Guard After Running On The Field

If you’re a person who likes to briefly ruin sporting events, being a streaker probably sounds like a great idea. But for 99.9999999999 percent of people, streakers are awful fans who want to take attention away from the game and attempt to get a brief moment in the spotlight for themselves.

Someone tried to do that during Wednesday’s game between the Detroit Tigers and Minnesota Twins. A random guy took it on himself to interrupt the game by running onto the field and tried to evade security for as long as possible. To his credit, there was one impressive moment where he juked and blew past a security guard, which made him look like he could probably be a somewhat decent running back.

But like some running backs, he was able to get past the first level of the defense and ran into some trouble when he had to go up against someone who didn’t struggle with tackling in space. He turned around and looked like he wanted to take a second to catch his breath, but once he turned, he was met by a different security guard who was done with all of this. The security guard executed a perfect form tackle, which brought the streaker to the ground. While he went a little high with this tackle, it may or may not have earned him a training camp invitation with the Lions.

(via The Big Lead)