09.16.08 10 years ago 7 Comments

An Aussie Rules fooball match in — get this — Australia was interrupted by a streaker who inadvertently knocked himself out in the middle of the field.  That’s odd, usually streakers seem like such bright people.

According to witnesses, he ran to the centre half back position where he did a “funny” jump – but landed heavily on this head and was “out cold”.

Volunteers at the ground attended to him and several minutes later he was carried from the oval on a stretcher.

The report says that Streaky Pete is recovering, which I take to mean he woke up naked in the hospital.  Take it from me, waking up in a hospital is no fun at all.

Wait, did I say hospital?  Because I meant jail.  Naked, jailed, and semiconscious is no way to live life.  Ask my girlfriend.

(thanks to Vince for the story; VIDEO after the jump)

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