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Once again, the term “streak” is being misused in the news media, as a group of Canadian high school cheerleaders are in semi-trouble for stripping down to their underwear and spraying the opposing football team with silly string.  Apparently it’s a school tradition or something.

Twelve female high school students sporting only their underwear and duct tape around their breasts ran across a football field during their school team’s home game last week in Delta, B.C. The [school’s] principal [said] he doesn’t want to see a repeat of the prank and has issued warnings to the Grade 12 students, most of them cheerleaders of the home team.

“We don’t take it lightly. This is a school. [In] schools, we hold higher ideals than we do in, say, the mall,” Ted Johnson told CBC News in an interview.

That’s obviously a lot of BS.  If there were a mall where the high school girls only wore underwear and duct tape, I’m pretty sure I’d know about it.  And live there.

After the jump, video of the non-streaking, as recorded by someone with Parkinson’s.

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