Great News, Dads: Pole Dancing Classes Are Finally Being Offered For Kids

09.12.12 6 years ago 4 Comments

We’ve made no secret of our appreciation of pole dancing as a sport in the past, from coverage of international pole dancing competitions to Chicago Bears fan busting their asses to the superstar athletes at Rick’s Cabaret and their appreciation of this site. Unfortunately, as with most exciting fads, it was only a matter of time before pole dancing as a form of exercise was taken too far, and we can thank the free-wheeling party animals of Vancouver for taking something so beautiful and making it so dirty.

The Twisted Grip dance studio on Vancouver Island has become a global laughing stock because of a special pole dancing class that it offers… for children. Gee, how could anyone have a bad opinion about this great idea?

Twisted Grip owner Kristy Craig told QMI Agency she’s shocked by the amount of negative attention the story has received.

“It’s nothing new,” she said, noting pole-dancing competitions are already offered in Russia and the UK “People need to really look into it before jumping to any conclusions about what I’m offering.” (Via Sun News)

Fair enough, I’ll give her that. And besides, the parents have to make the actual decision to sign their daughters up for this class, so it’s really on them to change the negative perception.

“My existing students were asking about it for their children. They were saying, ‘My daughter plays on my pole at home all the time, I’d love her to actually learn how to do things property and not hurt herself,’” said the Duncan resident. Students enrolled include children as young as five and a boy. (Via The Province)

When reached for comment, that boy’s father just smiled and gave two thumbs up. Meanwhile, as I try so hard to wrap my head around that “My daughter plays on my pole at home” line, our friends at Next Media Animation have already tackled this blossoming controversy in typical Taiwanese animation style.

(For some reason, the NMAtv have their stripper pole video linked to their latest video, so you have to go to their YouTube page to watch it.)

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