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Not pictured: tons of candy.

The news is that Lamar Odom and Kourtney Khloe Kardashian needed all of one month together to decide that they were going to get married. The wedding is this Sunday [and she “couldn’t be happier“], but the bachelor party is tomorrow, and it could very well feature the greatest assemblage of talent since the 1983 NFL combine.

[Joe] Francis is hosting Lamar’s swan song to bachelorhood tomorrow at Les Deux nightclub in Hollywood. It will be a formal affair … with stripper poles and “midgets.”

Here’s the good news — Khloe’s brother Rob will be there to keep an eye on Lamar … unless he’s distracted by the midgets and stripper poles.via.

I love how “midgets” is in quotes, as if they couldn’t confirm that, yes, these are in fact midgets. How would they do that, anyway? Is the California Department of Weights and Measures certifying midgets now? Have there been rampant cases of midget fraud rampaging through the Golden State? Sure, they might have done so since “midget” is actually a slur, but I wouldn’t put anything past those damn Kardashians. If they can pass themselves off as “celebrities,” I shudder to think of who they would consider to be “little people.”

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