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Sexy friends, it's not often that I turn my eyes from the gladiators of the sporting arena.  But some stories are so heroic, so heartwarming, that I have no choice but to point my gaze outside the world of sports.  Now is such a time.

[An exotic dancer named] Karnesha Nantz went to the Port St. Lucie home of Daniel Karpisnki to entertain the 46-year-old. Nantz said she noticed Karpinski had lost consciousness and stopped breathing. "I began doing CPR," Nantz said. "I did about three cycles of CPR and basically called 911 to see if I was doing it correctly, and also to have the ambulance rushed to the scene."

Paramedics took Karpinski from his home to Saint Lucie Medical Center. Karpinski was released from the hospital and said he considers the dancer his hero. He said that he accidentally took too much medicine. Karpinski said he was slightly embarrassed by the whole thing, but he was glad the dancer was there to revive him.

This is why I keep strippers in my home 24/7.  You know, just in case.  I'm in a bit of a quandary, though — chaining them to the radiator makes them less inclined to perform CPR.  Maybe I should give them a bowl of water or something?

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