A Student Got Detention Because He Called His Teacher A Commie For Not Playing The USA Hockey Game

What’s the point of even having the Winter Olympics if we’re not going to make the entire month of February into one long holiday for kids and adults around the world? The very least we could do is let everybody out of work and school during the bigger events like when the USA hockey team plays, or, as one unnamed student tried to suggest, teachers could at least hook up a TV and let the kids watch the American players piss off the rest of the hockey-loving world by winning.

Sadly, that was not the case for this student, and he paid the price with the best detention slip you’ll see this week.

My little brother goes to Walpole High School and on Thursday asked to watch the USA vs. Slovakia game during Spanish class. When his teacher said no he called her a communist. She gave him a detention for it. Attached is a picture of the detention slip she gave him. (Via Barstool)

You know who else loved silencing inappropriate speech? Joseph Stalin. Looks like this kid knew what he was talking about.