Suggs to Cookies: Nom Nom Nom

08.06.10 8 years ago 3 Comments

Terrell Suggs didn’t play up to his usual standards last season, and while some of the blame should rightfully fall upon an injury plagued season, a lot has to do with the LB packing on a few too many lbs.

A year ago, Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs tipped the scales at 283 pounds.

“It wasn’t just Popeye’s, it was also Kentucky Fried Chicken,” Suggs said. “It was also the cookies. You know, I did like the cookies. It was kind of a reward. When I started getting the weight down and I reached a certain goal it was like, ‘OK, you can have a cookie.’ She did a good job helping me, especially down the stretch.” –Guyism

It really is a sad state of affairs when you see someone get hooked on Popeye’s like that. While I’ve never had to deal with the symptoms of withdrawal, I’ve heard stories of how the aroma from just driving by a Popeye’s can drive the strongest of men mad. I’m almost positive that the ‘she’ he is referring to is Mrs. Fields. Funny, I always thought her to be a Steelers fan.

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