So Who Wants To Help Raise 2K So A Local Filmmaker Can Buy A Duck Costume?

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08.27.12 10 Comments

I know that sounds weird, but this is sports related and not a weird thing I’m into, I swear.

I live in Austin, Texas, where 60% of the population thinks sprouts taste good (they do) and 100% are working on a screenplay. My friends at Greenless Studios (the people who made the With Spandex podcast possible) are getting ready to shoot Summer League, an awesome softball versus kickball movie, here in town. They’ve set up an IndieGogo to raise money for incidentals, because that’s what happens these days.

I’m well aware that you do not come to a comedy sports blog to give money to people, and I would not dream of making a habit of requesting it from you, but I’m doing it here for two reasons:

1. This is my feature film debut (I’m playing a pub trivia master, because I’m a colossal nerd) and I want to be able to eat some tofu cutlets and shit while I’m filming, and

2. If they raise enough money they can afford to rent that duck costume and include a ridiculous mascot scene, giving me a second role in the film and turning me into Austin’s elite Internet version of Peter Sellers.

If you want to help out a good cause, consider stopping by and IndieGogo’ing yourself a DVD. I’d offer to autograph it for you too, but I am literally nobody. The thing ends in a couple of days, so if I can say I pitched in to make the thing a success, I’d feel awfully good about it.

Besides, it’s cute girls playing baseball while I stand around in the background. That’s a movie you want to see. Help us out.

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