01.25.10 9 years ago 16 Comments

Your Super Bowl XLIV matchup is set, and if you were rooting for Big Offense and No Brett Favre, you came out of Conference Championship weekend a winner. So did the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts, as both teams will soon head to Miami for a showdown that some people already are calling “Archie’s Boy” against “Archie’s Team,” an obvious reference to Peyton Manning’s dad, Archie Manning.

The Colts managed to stave off the Jets, who actually led at the half in their AFC title game yesterday, managed to rally from 11 points down. The Saints won the coin toss in OT, and Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings offense never saw the field after throwing his second INT of the game near the end of regulation.

So who’s ready for the Pro Bowl? Yeah, me neither. That’s actually on Sunday, in case you’ve just awakened from a coma. None of the bigger names are going to be there. Unlike your dad, they’ve all pulled out of the game. So maybe you could read a book or something this weekend. Or score some points with your significant other by plotting the murder of that certain co-worker that they’re always complaining about. Not that we endorse that sort of thing…

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