The World’s Most ‘Conflicted’ Fan Is Attending Super Bowl 50, And He Looks Ridiculous

02.07.16 3 years ago

I’ve never attended a Super Bowl and images like this are why it’s best if I never do.

This fan is conflicted (get it?) when it comes to Super Bowl 50 between the Carolina Panthers and Denver Broncos. So instead of wearing a t-shirt with no affiliation to the game, he chose this split jersey because he’s looking for an excuse to have conversations with people near his seats about why he’s so darn conflicted.

There are certain times when the split jersey is acceptable. Maybe if Eli and Peyton Manning were playing in the Super Bowl and Archie was wearing a split jersey, then you understand it. What could have this gentleman so conflicted? Let’s take a few guesses.

• This man is a multi-millionaire and he draws income from his two businesses — a marijuana dispensary in Colorado and a barbecue joint in North Carolina. And really, those are two businesses that go very well together.

• His children work for the organizations. He has a son that works for the Broncos in marketing and a daughter who handles finances for the Panthers.

• He has two families, one in Denver and one in Raleigh, and he wears this to the game with his best friend, the only one who knows the secret, for a laugh.

But really, you know this guy’s conflict is something boring, like he grew up in North Carolina but moved to Denver in 2012 and loves Peyton Manning. That’s it. And he will tell that story 11 times today and 11 times the people hearing the story will wish they stayed home and watched the game on TV.


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