‘Madden 17’s Official Simulation Has The Super Bowl Being Decided On A Last-Second Play

02.01.17 2 years ago

EA Sports released its official Madden 17 simulation of Super Bowl LI, and if the game’s simulation is accurate, it will be heartbreak for the Falcons on Sunday at the hands of a clutch drive by Tom Brady for a last-second win.

The simulation has the Patriots converting on a fourth-and-goal with 20 seconds left to Julian Edelman to give them a 27-24 win over the Falcons. (Incidentally, our own Madden 17 simulation has the Patriots winning a thriller by three points, too.) The game had the Falcons taking an 17-10 halftime lead behind touchdowns from running backs Tevin Coleman and DeVonta Freeman, while the Patriots lone first quarter score came on a pass to Chris Hogan.

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