Beer Prices At Super Bowl 50 Are Insanely Expensive

02.07.16 2 years ago 7 Comments
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If you’re going to go to the Super Bowl, it’s just expected that you’re going to be spending a hefty chunk of change for the whole experience. Between the ticket itself, the travel, and the food and drink (not to mention any merch or anything else you choose to buy),  it’s going to set you back quite a bit. Just ask this Broncos fan who admitted on camera to dropping over twenty-grand on the big game.

Even though those in attendance are likely expecting to spend a little bit more on concessions than they would at a regular game, you’d be hard pressed to find anyone who would be cool with dropping $13 for a bottle of generic light beer. Yet, that is exactly how much you will be spending if you’re looking to indulge on some alcoholic beverages during the game at Levi’s Stadium.

Yes, that is the price for a Coors Light, the same beer of which you could easily pick up a six pack of at your local convenience store for around six or seven bucks. It only gets worse if you’re a wine drinker, as a single glass of will cost you a full $25.

Oh and if you’re wondering if somehow it was just a Coors Light thing, the prices of Bud Light are exactly the same.

I would advise Super Bowl attendees to just stick to water, but even that will cost you $7. Maybe just do without liquid for a few hours.

(Via Sports Illustrated)

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