‘There Was A Lot Of Sh*t That Happened’: Tom Brady Sums Up A Wild Super Bowl

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Tom Brady is right: a lot happened in Super Bowl 51.

Brady had a rare honest moment in his press conference after the New England Patriots captured their fifth Super Bowl with a wild 34-28 overtime win over the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl 51.

Brady got a bit lost in the sequence of events that led to Atlanta blowing a 25-point lead when answering a journalist’s question during postgame.

I wasn’t thinking much, you know? I was just thinking ‘we just gotta score’ and then we score the touchdown it was nine and then, then we got… did we get the turnover? There was a lot of sh*t that happened tonight…

Brady’s interview was aired live on television, so plenty of folks heard the greatest quarterback in the history of professional football curse and make a bunch of media members laugh. Brady then said he “got hit pretty hard,” which may explain why he was having trouble remembering how the Patriots came all the way back to win.

Traumatic brain injuries aside, it’s tough to blame Brady for not knowing exactly how the Patriots carved a path to victory. The game started with 21 straight points from the Falcons, including what looked like a back-breaking pick-six late in the second quarter.

New England’s vaulted defense was routinely getting embarrassed during the game, and Julio Jones made what looked like the catch of the playoffs late in the fourth quarter to put the Falcons in field position. Somehow, though, the Patriots came back to score in eight-point chunks to make the lead go away.

With a chance to kick a field goal and put the game away, Matt Ryan took a sack, the Falcons punted, and Brady and the Patriots had a chance to complete the comeback. One of the biggest plays of the game was an incredible Julian Edelman catch that could have gone for another interception. Instead, New England drove the field to tie the game and force the first overtime in Super Bowl history.

Brady wasn’t the only one breaking FCC rules on national television after the overtime win, but I think a Super Bowl that incredible is worthy of a few swears.