‘I’m Here So I Won’t Get Fined’: The All-Time Best Super Bowl Media Day Quotes

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Super Bowl XLIX Media Day Fueled by Gatorade

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Oh, NFL Super Bowl Media Day — you beacon of silliness, bastion of bonkers antics, cavalcade of circus theatrics… you slay me. Nothing says rugged masculinity like reporters dressing up in ridiculous outfits and footballers spitting silly one-liners, but in all honesty, Super Bowl Media Day can be a fun event. Half of the fun resides in the answers NFL stars give to said reporters, ranging from the flamboyant, to the super serious, to the downright insane. As we gear up for Super Bowl 50, Media Day is upon us, so let’s take a look back at the zenith of zany past Media Days have given us.

“Terry couldn’t spell cat if you spotted him a ‘C’ and a ‘T.'”

Terry Bradshaw

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Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson had a few choice words for Terry Bradshaw back at Super Bowl XIII. Questioning his intelligence, Henderson suggested that Bradshaw was too stupid to spell a three-letter word. Bradshaw’s response? Winning the Super Bowl MVP. Success is truly the best revenge.

“I like a little puppet that you can put your fingers in. A little monkey.”

Patriots Coach Bill Belichick Holds News Conference Prior To Teams Start Of Preseason Training

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Patriots coach Bill Belichick answered as honestly as he could when a child asked him what kind of stuffed animals he liked. And, frankly, who doesn’t like a little monkey? They’re hilarious. Still, it’s hard to imagine a grown man in one of the most manly of sports actually saying this before said sport’s ultimate finale. Own that monkey love Bill, and never change.

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