Super Bowl Parking? It’ll Cost You

01.25.11 7 years ago 22 Comments

If you’re heading to the Super Bowl in Arlington in two weeks, I bid you good luck in finding parking on the cheap. Spaces surrounding and near the North Texas stadium are being marked up as much as 400 percent, as noted by Kathy Vetter of the Ft. Worth Star-Telegram.

Wow, just checked the off-site parking available for Super Bowl XLV. The two lots closest to Cowboys Stadium are now charging $990 per spot. That’s almost double what they were asking a couple of weeks ago. A thousand dollars to park? I guess if that’s what people will pay. But it sure seems steep to me.

Now, let’s be fair; this isn’t all Jerry Jones’s doing, if at all. Most of these spots are managed by private firms that are looking to capitalize on what they have, for what happens to be the biggest one-day sporting event on Earth. Obviously, other spaces farther away are a bit more affordable. A bit…

Dozens of Arlington businesses, offices and churches around the entertainment district are taking reservations online for their parking spaces, which are being advertised on websites like from $49.50 to $577.50, depending on how close they are to the stadium.[..]

Parking spaces controlled by the NFL, which go for $71.40 online, are primarily at Six Flags Over Texas, about a mile east of the stadium, and come with free shuttle service.

Fortunately, I found a good deal for Super Sunday parking. Parking my ass, that is. It’s a space right on my couch, and it’s zero dollars. Oh, but I guess I’ll miss all the atmosphere and stuff. Right, right.

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