The Best Super Bowl Party Food, Ranked

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The Super Bowl is a celebration. It is a celebration of the two best football teams in the NFL. Maybe more so it is a celebration of American capitalism and commercialization. But most of all, it is a celebration of food.

The Super Bowl is gluttony in all forms and is meant to be enjoyed as such, which is what makes Super Bowl parties so fun. A great Super Bowl party starts with great food, but there are certain criteria that must be met.

Most Super Bowl parties do not have the appropriate number of seats or table space for the number of guests that will be arriving. So, your food options have to be considerate of the fact that many people will be eating sitting somewhere without a table to set their plate down on or just standing up. That means things that require two utensils to eat must be out. If you can’t eat it while holding the plate or bowl in one hand and one utensil in the other, it needs to be scrapped.

Also, shelf life is crucial. If it can’t be served cold, at room temperature or easily kept warm, then it’s not going to go over well. People want to be able to go grab some food as they please and come back throughout the game. The main course, if served exclusively at halftime, can be the exception to this rule, but even then you’ll have grazers who want to loop back for more in the second half.

There are certain things you’re going to have that don’t get ranked. The ubiquitous veggie tray. Is it necessary? Probably. Is it good enough to find its way onto this list? Absolutely not. Don’t yell at me about that, it’s not my fault you think celery and carrots are better than chips and dip. You’re only lying to yourself.

There are many different kinds of Super Bowl party foods, so I’ve broken up my rankings into a few categories, because it isn’t fair to compare a dip to a main course. So, without further ado and the above criteria in mind, here are the best Super Bowl party foods, ranked.

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