The Wild Card Teams That Actually Have A Shot At Winning The Super Bowl

12.06.16 3 years ago 10 Comments

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There’s a month left in the NFL’s regular season. Let’s pretend that it’s over. If the standings stay as is and division leaders become division winners, which Wild Card teams can actually win the Super Bowl? Well, let’s find out by making some wild guesses at which franchise could become just the seventh squad ever to pull of the feat.

Note: If your team isn’t on this list they are either currently leading their division or complete and utter trash.

Miami Dolphins (7-5)

In his fifth consecutive breakout season, Ryan Tannehill has shown occasional moments of brilliance wrapped around soul-crushing sacks and general incompetence. I wouldn’t trust him as far as he can throw Jay Ajayi, which would probably be about a foot in front of wherever DeVante Parker is standing. That probably won’t be NRG Stadium in Houston on February 5.

Ajaia can, however, run the football. He put up back-to-back 200-yard games earlier in the season and seems like a player that can explode at any time. It’s incomprehensible to me that he didn’t start this season. If he finishes it well he makes the Dolphins a dangerous, if ultimately flawed, Wild Card team. But not a Super Bowl team.

Verdict: This is not a team that beats the Patriots at any point in January. Sorry.

Buffalo Bills (6-6)





Listen, I know this team better than any other on this list. They are the most mediocre of mediocre football teams. The playoffs aren’t happening. The Super Bowl isn’t real. It doesn’t exist. I only put this in here to complain about wasting LeSean McCoy’s brilliance on an underwhelming defense and a struggling quarterback who has no passing targets other than the oft-injured Sammy Watkins. Blowing a 24-9 third quarter lead against the Raiders on Sunday all but ends the drama for the perpetually In the Hunt but always hunted Buffalo Bills.

Verdict: lol

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