Super SmackDown Live Open Discussion Thread 12/18/12: SmackDown Becomes Additional Raw

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Big E Langston

Tonight, on the “hey, it’s Tuesday and they’re airing it live” edition of the With Leather WWE open discussion thread:

After losing to World Heavyweight Champion Big Show in an earth-shattering contest Sunday at WWE TLC, Sheamus opted to approach the giant on Raw and shake his hand. When The World’s Largest Athlete decided to insult him in return, though, The Celtic Warrior changed his tune, engaging The World’s Largest Athlete in another slug fest before taking him down with the gigantic chair Big Show used to defeat him one day earlier at WWE TLC.

Then, not long after winning the Slammy Award for Superstar of the Year, John Cena attacked Dolph Ziggler when he tried to cash in his Money in the Bank contract on a downed Big Show. The WWE official never rang the bell, though, due to Cena’s attack.

Later in the main event when Cena teamed with Vickie Guerrero in a Mixed Tag Team Match against Ziggler & AJ, both females walked out on the match. As Cena and Ziggler battled it out, AJ returned with WWE NXT powerhouse Big E Langston, who swiftly flattened Cena!

On the special live SuperSmackDown, Cena will team with Sheamus to take on Big Show & Ziggler in a match that will certainly produce an explosive main event given the shocking events on Raw. Will the mysterious Langston make his presence known again? (via

There’s no Best And Worst Of SmackDown report planned for tomorrow (and hey, there’s been a TLC report and a Raw report already this week, and Impact coming on Friday), but feel free to show your love to your fellow Wrestling Bros by responding to choice comments with a +1.

Enjoy the show, everyone.

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