This Motorcycle Racer’s Bruised Butt Is A Purple Nightmare

Randy de Puniet
Getty Image

[What follows may be NSFW, so scroll with caution]

As a superbike racer, Randy de Puniet spends his time straddling a powerful machine that takes him speeding across the smooth yet unforgiving pavement toward victory or defeat with the spectre of tragedy always hanging over his head.

A badly bruised and battered ass as well as some broken ribs probably counts more as a really really bad day and not a tragedy, but it seems pretty clear that de Puniet narrowly escaped something far worse during a race last week, and thanks to his colleague Paul Denning’s twitter account, the whole world can now share in de Puniet’s pain and remember the (somewhat upsetting and NSFW) image of his purple-turned tush.

Ouch. This is why all of my athletic endeavors are limited to badminton.

(Source: Twitter via Deadspin)