Superfight Super News: Anderson Silva Could Fight Jon Jones… Depending On That Toe

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05.24.13 4 Comments

After we watched Jon Jones’ big toe roll in a direction that toes aren’t supposed to roll during his first round victory against Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, we figured that it would be a while before he fought again, because it had been reported that he had suffered a serious fracture. Then Jones finished his post-fight pizza and he was all, “It’s not broken, just dislocated” and he claimed that he’d be fighting again in six-to-eight weeks.

Well, if that is true and he is indeed fully recovered within the next month or so, then he may have a special seat at ringside when Anderson Silva faces Chris Weidman, the No. 1 contender to his UFC Middleweight belt, at UFC 162 on July 6. That’s because Dana White has gone from teasing a Georges St-Pierre/Silva superfight to a Jones/Silva superfight.

“Silva has a fight coming up on July 6, he’s fighting Chris Weidman. Many people think this is a very serious threat to his record and his title and everything else. But if he gets past this test with Weidman, we could see this [Jones] super fight this year.” (Via CBS Atlanta)

And MMA Mania points out that White has been rubbing the crotch on his black jeans about this idea for several months, so maybe it will have a better chance of happening than that GSP/Silva superfight that was definitely going to happen but is never actually going to happen.

That is, if Jones’ toe that will take “six-to-eight weeks” to heal ever actually heals. At yesterday’s media scrum for tomorrow’s big PPV event, White admitted that he has no clue what is actually going on with that infamous toe.

“Who knows – this thing could be six weeks, or it could be six months,” White said. “It’s a pain in the ass. It’s always some crazy little thing. He’s in Russia, and when he gets back he’s getting an MRI done on his toe again.” (Via Cage Potato)

Basically, White is once again getting our hopes up for something that will probably never happen, so go ahead and get your calendars ready for when Silva defeats Weidman in the first round, as you’ll need to circle the date for Silva-Belfort II.

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