Who Suplexed It Better: Sumo Champion Byamba or Jets CB Ellis Lankster?

We agreed on the best spinebuster of the week yesterday, so now it’s time to select the week’s best suplex. I don’t know, we’re just doing it.

Your first option comes from the land of sumo, where Mongolian competitor Byamba Ulambayar met Kelly “Man of Fat Steel” Gneiting in the US Sumo Open in Los Angeles. If you can’t tell by the picture of a man’s gigantic ass in the header, Byamba went full Scotty Steiner on Geniting, lifting him up like he was a bag of groceries and throwing him to the ground like a torn up bag of groceries. Sorry, I’m finding it hard to talk about sumo without mentioning groceries. Also, who calls themselves “Man Of Fat Steel?”

Double warning for this video: it’s extremely loud, and it might’ve broken the fault line. Viewer discretion is advised.

Going up against Byamba’s belly-to-belly is New York Jets cornerback Ellis Lankster, who pulled off what Cage Potato referred to as a German suplex on Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Eric Page. Watching the clip closely it plays a little closer to a ura nage, Morishima-style, but whatever it is, it is a mighty, mighty throw.

So you make the call. Who suplexed it better?