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If Tony Romo can't get things to work out with Jessica Simpson, but still enjoys that domineering father-in-law figure, he might want to take a flyer on Swedish track star Carolina Klüft. Klüft's head was super-imposed onto a more voluptuous body for a press conference promoting an upcoming event — with her father's consent.

"I don't think that looks so nice. I have to be honest,” Klüft said on Monday following the unveiling of the image, which featured a video image of track star’s face superimposed on a drawing of a buxom athlete sporting blond pony-tails.

“That's not me, a floozie with big boobs.” 

Kluft is 25, and enjoys harpooning whales, yodeling, and backgammon. She pulled out of a heptathlon earlier this year, which was kinda shitty of her because the heptathlon was almost there. That one might take you a second.  

[Sports by Brooks via Sweden's The Local] 

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