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So some activist group in Sweden called the Trade Ethical Council against Sexism in Advertising (abbreviated ERK, because who needs proper acronyms when you live in Sweden) filed a compaint with Panos Emporio, a badass Swedish swimwear company, for releasing marketing material that they deemed too sexist. I thought that’s what marketing was supposed to be.

The council added that not all of the suggestive pictures could be viewed as discriminatory on the grounds of gender. But, “the fact that certain pictures are taken in an indoor environment reinforces the allusion to sex, as does the fact that the model is portrayed lying down in provocative poses.”

“The woman’s body is used in these pictures as an eye-catcher of a sexual nature with an insufficient correlation to the product being marketed,” wrote ERK.

Look, if I didn’t care about sex, I wouldn’t buy anything. Think of how bad our economy would be if we were all happy to just live in quiet, angry celibacy. Maybe this is the wrong place to be asking that.

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