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I haven’t read much about this new “swine flu” “epidemic,” (sorry, I have a life) but I was a bit surprised to learn that this particular slice of real life invaded the UEFA Champions League tournament when Arsenal had one of their players quarantined by his own team in fears of a swine flu outbreak. From the monolith:

Vela, 20, was told to stay away from the Gunners’ training session following a visit by some friends from Mexico, where more than 150 deaths have been blamed on the virus.

Mexico is the centre of the outbreak of the disease and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said: “It looked to be a massive problem because we were asked yesterday to keep him at home and not get him to the training ground.”

The AP reports that more than 60 cases of the H1N1 virus commonly referred to swine flu have been reported in the US so far. Whatever. This is like anthrax all over again, where everyone goes bananas for a few months but the casualties are barely significant. Kinda like when a 16-year-old girl gets her driver’s license or when Tony Danza puts out a new show. There’s a low supply of Tony Danza vaccine this season. Get yourself immunized early.

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