10.09.08 10 years ago 6 Comments

A 21-year-old man tailgating at a UMass football game was arrested after he allegedly kneed a cop in the groin.  And justifiably so: all the guy was doing was skinny-dipping.  In the bed of a pick-up truck.

When police told them to stop [splashing around in the nude], the man refused to get out. He then approached an officer and kneed him twice in the groin, [Deputy Chief Patrick] Archbald said.

The officer, whom Archbald did not name, was given morphine at a hospital. He could miss up to two weeks of work.

Two weeks off from work because a naked wet drunk man kneed him in the groin.  Not bad.  I know some clubs where folks pay good money for that.  By which I mean, I was there last night, and it cost me $50.

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