Taiwan Doesn’t Mince Words: The Cowboys Won’t Win Until Jerry Jones Dies

Pro Wrestling Editor
12.30.11 2 Comments

We’re big fans of Taiwanese Animation here at With Leather, but far too often the things that make Next Media Animation’s efforts truly great — absurd imagery and hilarious bluntness — are eschewed for political cartoon style moments where someone who just got suspended gets beat over the head with a giant rectangle with SUSPENSION written on it.

That’s not the case with today’s cartoon, which goes completely over-the-top with its images (Michael Vick riding an eagle that gets shot to death with rifles, Eli Manning getting run over by a school bus with the New Orleans Saints logo on the side, children being murdered by fire breath) and even higher over with its most blunt message ever. And I quote:

The ‘Boys have a recent history of choking. And Jerry Jones is their owner, GM and head coach. They won’t win anythin [sp] until he dies.

… then Tony Romo and black Tony Romo (?) high-five each other as his death is replayed on TV.

Taiwan, you are my hero.

[h/t Fark]

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