Taiwanese Animation: Jeremy Lin Saga

Pro Wrestling Editor
02.24.12 2 Comments

Taiwan’s vaunted Next Media Animation is piecing together an animated, Walk The Line style biopic of Jeremy Lin, the first American-born NBA star of Chinese and Taiwanese heritage. If this first chapter (featuring Lin glowing gold with power and transmogrifying into a violent monkey is any indication) they’re just pasting Lin’s head onto Goku and badly adapting old episodes of Dragonball Z. Hopefully LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will show up as Androids before they’re done.

All anime and “Miami beating the dogsh*t out of the Knicks” jokes aside, the best part of the video isn’t Lin morphing into a “little monkey” and breaking somebody’s vase … it’s the fact that he’s saved from a lifetime lived as a monkey by Jesus himself, who works a little magic, teaches him to behave and gives him Go Go Gadget spring shoes. And here I thought NMA was being faithful to the Wiki page.

I’m guessing part two covers Golden State and his rise to prominence in New York, and part three puts lightning behind some guys with “journalist” written across their chests and has them tear Lin down with negative puns like “LINept!” or “LINeffective!” as soon as he starts having bad games.

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