Take A Moment To Appreciate Darnell Tate’s Amazing Acrobatic Catch

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10.24.13 2 Comments

Darnell Tate

This is Hubbard Eagles high school wide receiver Darnell Tate. He is going to catch that ball no matter what.

His incredible catch happened in the fourth quarter of Friday’s “MyYTV Game of the Week” between Ohio schools Hubbard and Poland, and if you can’t tell by the static picture it involved his forearms, stomach, thighs, feet and hands before it was through. It happens fast, so make sure you watch the slow-motion replay to get the full acrobatics.


He caught it like he was winning a slam dunk contest. I wonder how many rotations he could’ve done if the QB hadn’t wobbled it in on him like that?

[h/t to Bob’s]

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