Take…On….Meat….Take! On Meat!

06.14.10 8 years ago

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You have time for some quick bacon, don’t you?

Voted best umpire in Major League Baseball, Jim Joyce, who famously blew the first base call that cost Tigers pitcher Armando Galarraga a perfect game nearly two weeks ago. ESPN polled 50 active MLB players anonymously, though it might be safe to guess that none of those players was Armando Galarraga.

And now, your links.

  • How the great TV shows should have ended.


  • This kid in England made a sniper rifle out of LEGOs that actually shoots LEGOs. Good job, England.

    Gamma Squad.

  • I’m not much of a foodie, but some of you will appreciate this tasty tribute to the World Cup.

    Black and Gold Something-or-others.

  • I have a bridge that I’d like to sell to some of these Taiwanese women.


  • Here’s another “Bros Icing Bros is stupid” post. It’s even dumber when college kids do it, because the NCAA has that no-touch icing rule. I think five of you will get that.


  • The fad of established programs jumping conferences has reached the NBA. It’s satire, people.

    Sports Pickle.

  • The 15 hottest ex-wives in sports. That broad that burned down Andre Rison’s house still doesn’t get her just due.

    It’s Always Sunny In Detroit.

  • They’re making another combat. They being the pixelheads at Warner Bros. Which Warner brother is it? Guess you’ll have to read the post.

    The Feed (G4).

  • Hmmm, what IS my favorite Princess Leia outfit? It’s definitely not the one where she’s wearing a Speak & Spell for a helmet.


  • If you happen to come in contact with a woman today (presumably by accident…because you’re a tool), here are 10 ways to make her crazy for you.
  • Here’s a great photo gallery of classic Formula 1 race car images.

    Ask Men.

  • It’s another sneaker report for all you tread-heads out there. Fresh…respected.

    THE Smoking Section.

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