Our Favorite Tampa Bay Lightning Fan Is Back With Some Love For Martin St. Louis

12.06.13 4 years ago 11 Comments

Lightning Fan is back

The Tampa Bay Lightning improved to 17-10-1 on the season last night with a 3-1 victory over the Ottawa Senators, and the star of the game was none other than Martin St. Louis, who has the classiest and most intelligent last name in the NHL. St. Louis scored two goals to help his team to the win, and the Lightning needed whatever extra efforts they could get, with Victor Hedman and Keith Aulie both suffering game-ending injuries, and dreamboat Steven Stamkos out until at least February following the broken tibia he suffered last month.

But none of that silly actual game news matters, because you can see from the banner image that our favorite hockey fan of 2013*, Sara, was back to show her appreciation for St. Louis stepping up while Stamkos is out.

Though, I’m left to wonder what will happen when Stamkos returns in February. Will Sara just forget about St. Louis and once again focus on Stamkos, or will both men have to play their hardest to prove which of them truly deserves her love? I think I smell a new reality series, E!. I’d call it Meet Me On St. Louis.


*I’m still pulling for Bro with the Bouncing Babe, but Brandon is rigging the voting for Sara.

(Banner and GIF via Cork Gaines)

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