The Lightning Let Fans Play Mario Kart On Their Ice And It Looks Amazing

There were always two kinds of sleepovers when you were a kid: ones in which you stayed up all night playing Mario Kart, and bad ones. Even as you get older, you realize that Mario Kart is the best game for when you want to stay up until god knows when with all of your friends because it brings out the most competitive and entertaining side of people every single time.

Sure, at a certain point, Mario Kart becomes a game that you play after a beer or 12 with your roommates in college, but no matter what, it’s a delightful game. The Tampa Bay Lightning provided us with proof of this on Wednesday night, when during an intermission from their game against the Pittsburgh Penguins, fans got to play Mario Kart.

The video game wasn’t played on the jumbotron or on a big screen on the concourse or anything like that. Instead, the Lightning projected the game onto the ice at Amalie Arena. It’s the next logical step for on-ice or on-court projection. Sure, pre-game pump up videos are cool and all, but playing video games that are projected onto the ice/court is such an amazing idea.

This may be a little hyperbolic, but this is the coolest thing in recorded history, and the person who came up with the idea for this promotion should become the next President of the United States.

(via SB Nation)