TAPPED OUT (Formerly Tapped) Has a Full-Length Trailer Featuring Superman Punches And Zero Tap-Outs

04.03.14 4 years ago

TAPPED OUT is another in a long line of what will surely be fantastic mixed martial arts movies (I call it cineMMA!), featuring a mix of both real mixed martial artists, who are all known for their tremendous acting skills, and regular dudes, known for looking believable in a fight. In fact, when Brandon wrote about the teaser trailer back in June of last year, he called it “every MMA movie ever“.

However, what Brandon didn’t note is that the new trailer for TAPPED OUT asks a very important question: What if Batman was an MMA? Also, does anyone buy Krzysztof Soszynski as a murderer just because he has tattoos and is kinda muscley? I’m pretty sure the MMA community is more convinced that Rory MacDonald is a serial killer than they consider Soszynski “threatening”. Of course, considering the protagonist looks to be a 17 year old, 150 pound kid (So Max Holloway), I guess K-Soz is frightening. But at least he’s learning BJJ from Anderson Silva’s rubber leg and Lyoto Machida’s sleaze stache! Go get ‘im, kid!

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