Women’s MMA Trailblazer Tara LaRosa Fought A Male Internet Troll With Great Success

01.23.18 1 year ago

When Ronda Rousey was 12 years old, Tara LaRosa was fighting. Back when WMMA rules were stuck in three-minute rounds and well before the UFC found it’s groove with The Ultimate Fighter, Tara LaRosa was fighting. From the legendary and now defunct HooknShoot to BodogFight, Larosa was there in the early aughts, beating fellow WMMA trailblazers like WWE’s Shayna Baszler, Alexis Davis, and Julie Kedzie.

Kristopher Zylinski is an internet troll who made it clear on just about every social media platform that an untrained adult male could defeat a trained female in a fight. This wasn’t a fight, more of a sparring session, but it was clear that Zylinski couldn’t keep up with the 40-year-old LaRosa, who’s been retired for years.

So, Tara did what any badass chick who used to fight in a barn when there was no money in the sport would do — challenge him to a fight. Well, a sparring session. (It starts around 7 minutes in.)

Their first attempt was shut down by local authorities claiming it was an unregulated prize fight. Their second attempt finally went down on an undisclosed date, and Tara tapped the once-confident Zylinski. Twice. Once to side control.

Side control.

Watch above as the two mostly grapple. Very few strikes are thrown, but dude looks like he has a severe adrenaline dump about 30 seconds into it, saying “I’m f*cking winded.” He also has no clue what to do. If he’s never trained before, having someone smother you feels like you’re being buried alive. In this case, he was buried alive by a woman who once again proved that she’ll do just about anything just to prove she can.

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