Taylor Lewan Got Ejected For Shoving An Official During Tennessee’s Game Against Green Bay

Associate Editor

Taylor Lewan’s day came to an early end on Sunday during Tennessee’s game against Green Bay. Lewan, who made headlines for consoling a young fan who was upset after the team’s loss last week, got into an altercation with a Packers player.

One official tried to step in between the two in an attempt to prevent a fight from breaking out. The official tried to hold Lewan back, and in a moment where his emotions got the best of him, Lewan shoved the official out of his way. This is obviously never going to be cool, so Lewan’s day ended in the first quarter.

Lewan is a fiery player, and every now and then, he gets caught up in the moment and does something that hurts the Titans. Unfortunately for Tennessee fans, that happened on Sunday.

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