10.17.07 11 years ago 39 Comments

Texas Christian wide receiver Walter Bryant was arrested last Wednesday for assaulting his wife.  Head coach Gary Patterson found out about it that night, then promptly suspended him a mere six days later, after TCU traveled to Stanford, where they won 48-46.  Oh, except by "suspended" I mean "still hadn't done anything."

Patterson had said earlier [yesterday] during his weekly press conference that Bryant's status on the team was unchanged and that he was eligible to play during [this] Thursday's game.

That's funny, because the athletic department spokesman said otherwise:

Junior wide receiver Walter Bryant, 21… has been suspended indefinitely by head football coach Gary Patterson until he can gather more information about Bryant's Oct. 10 arrest, said Mark Cohen, athletics media relations director. 

Yes, it's a pretty tight ship they're running over at TCU.  The good news is that Bryant's wife only suffered "visible injuries" after being knocked to the ground and slapped on her face, arm, and leg.  All of this just adds evidence to my scientifically espoused theory, "Only dumbasses are married in college."


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