This Young Florida Fan Could Not Keep It Together When Tim Tebow Came To Visit Him

09.30.15 4 years ago

For many NFL fans, Tim Tebow will always be a punchline, a self-satisfying reminder that the NFL is a league for big boys, and not even the biggest college stars are guaranteed success. (A smaller, crazier set believes all he needs is a chance coach, put him on the field and he’s a winner dang it.) But there are tons of college football fans out there for whom Tebow will always be a legend, and most of them are fans of the Florida Gators.

One of these fans is Nathaniel, a young patient at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville, Florida, who got a surprise visit from Tebow himself. Meeting his hero face to face was simply too much for the kid, who broke down in tears of joy, to the delight of his family behind the camera. Tebow’s entire personality is pretty much built for these situations, so he of course handled the situation like a pro.

The best part of this video, however, might simply be the thought that there are real people in the world who will take Tebow’s presence in Jacksonville as a sign that he might be trying out for the Jaguars. They’re out there, and they haven’t given up hope. God bless ’em.

(Via Tim Tebow Foundation)

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