Tebow Is A Very Good Quarterback … Right!

Pro Wrestling Editor

His shirt is so close to saying “JELLO” and it kills me.

But no, here’s a video of legendary comedian Bill Cosby giving his blessing to Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos, explaining that he likes the way they play FOOT… BALL, adding “boom, boom” and always being like a second from screaming POKEY-MON? POKEY-MON? Two things you should get out of any Bill Cosby clip or appearance are as follows: 1) When people do that Bill Cosby impression where they’re all ZIZZLE ZAZZLE WAZZLE or whatever they aren’t doing an impression of Cosby as much as they’re doing an impression of Cosby on The Simpsons, and 2) Bill Cosby doesn’t seem to enjoy a lot about living lately, so when he’s all “oh yeah I like the Denver Broncos a lot” we should accept it as Truefax. Cosby rules hard and deserves to be as pissed off as he’s been since 1992.

I do love his pro wrestling approach to football, saying that anybody who thinks the Broncos or Tebow aren’t good should “get in the ring” as it were and try to beat them. Seeing Cosby’s expertise as an analyst makes me think one of the more unsuccessful teams should bring him on as an offensive coordinator (“okay guys, you need to BOOM, BOOM, FOOT, BALL”), or at least get him to manage their finances.

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