Tebowie Throws From Station To Station

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01.13.12 6 Comments

jimmy-fallon-tebowieAnd here I thought The Venture Bros. was the only show that did David Bowie jokes.

Last night’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon featured Tebowie, advertised as “for the first time … Tim Tebow and David Bowie together as one” (unless you count Tim Machine and Tim Machine II). Fallon launched into a parody of Bowie’s “Space Oddity”, replacing Ground Control with Jesus Christ and one hundred-thousand miles with 316 yards. It’s not laugh out loud funny but it is clever, which you can’t say for every Tebow anthem (a fact you’ll learn more about that in today’s Friday Face-Off).

I hope the Broncos find a way to beat the Patriots just so the incessant coverage of Tebow can continue, because he’s such a great role model to Young Americans. What am I saying? Denver will Never Let Me Down.

Complete song lyrics are included after the jump.

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ

Can’t win by myself but with your help I might

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ

Commencing 4th down “Hut, hut, hike”

Snap the football and may God’s love be with me

This is Jesus Christ to Tim Tebow

Please leave me alone

Don’t you know my day of rest is Sunday?

And I’m sick of watching all these Broncos games

I hear that you play New England next week

Dude, you’re on your own

Brady is too good and I got better things to do

So I passed 316 yards

There’s still two games to go

If I want to make it to the Super Bowl

And show everyone on Earth how to Tebow

Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ

The Broncos won we’re still alive

Come on everyone Tebow

Come on everyone Tebow

Come on everyone Tebow

Come on everyone Tebow

[via Late Night’s blog, with thanks to SOB for transcribing the lyrics]

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