Hold On A Minute, Playa! This Video Will Now Be About The Teddy Long Tag Team Match!

Every week I write the Best And Worst Of WWE Raw column, but I barely ever talk about Smackdown. If you’d like me to recap every Smackdown between 2004 and early 2012, I can do it in four words: TEDDY LONG TAG TEAM MATCH.

Former Smackdown General Manager Teddy Long (aka WCW’s Theodore R. Long, aka “Peanuthead”) ran a wrestling show for almost 8 years with only one programming idea:

1. Wait until 2-6 wrestlers were arguing in the ring.

2. Interrupt those wrestlers with a rap song about Teddy Long.

3. Announce that if those wrestlers had an issue, they could resolve it in a TAG TEAM MATCH*!

*With Teddy you can’t just type “tag team match,” because that’s not how he says it. He says TAG TEAM MATCH.

Teddy is no longer GM, but now, thanks to YouTube user mekabizh1, you can relive the glory days with this nearly 7-minute long compilation of Teddy showing up, doing the most predictable thing a guy in charge of a wrestling show can do, and bailing. As an added bonus, I’ve included some of my favorite TAG TEAM MATCH memes and videos after the jump. So check this out and enjoy it, but don’t get confrontational with anybody about it, because … well …

[h/t to Sean for the compilation video]