An Oregon Teen With Brain Cancer Just Crossed A Strip Club Off His Bucket List. Next Up? A UFC Fight.

In a story that’s bound to pull on your heart strings, a reporter from KATU News in Portland recently interviewed a 19-year old boy named Jake Stoneking about his battle with a rare form of brain cancer known as medulloblastoma. Jake had a tumor the size of a golf ball removed back in 2009 and he and his family had hoped for the best that it was gone, but they were devastated to learn that it returned last month, and the doctors gave Jake just three months. While he’s currently taking experimental drugs to extend that prognosis, the boy was rather honest about having to accept reality.

Jake’s not going out without having a little fun, though, so he and his family created a bucket list of attainable goals that he can accomplish within the coming weeks, including the most important No. 1 that any young man could have – going to a strip club named Jiggles. No. 2 on the list – and one of only two goals remaining in his Top 5 – is attending a UFC fight, and the only logical thing to do here is for Dana White to get this kid the best seat in the house, right between Brittney Palmer and Arianny Celeste, at UFC 171 on Saturday.

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According to ABC News, a local fisherman heard about Jake’s story and offered to help him cross his salmon fishing trip off his list, which would join the strip club, shooting an AR15 and MP5, hunting a bull elk, and riding a zip line as the feats that he’s accomplished thus far. He still wants to hunt a spring black bear, ride a motorcycle, have his name tattooed on his back, and laugh until he cries, among other things, but he’s off to a great start.

In fact, according to the NY Daily News, the manager of Jiggles has already invited Jake for a return visit, because he wasn’t there the first time to make sure the teen had a memorable time.

“I would have definitely tried to make sure that his experience there for a bucket list was a step-up from a normal experience for a customer coming off the street,” he said.

Jake should definitely take him up on the offer, but only after he lays on White and the UFC to give him the Fight Night experience to remember.